My Friend

I’ve waited all this time,
For You,
My Friend.

You have watched me struggle,
Waiting for me to remember You.

For thirty years I’ve stood before you.
Eyes wide,
But never seeing.

For thirty years, I’ve pined.
Looking for something but never knowing what…

Until I remembered...

A friendship.
A promise.
A happiness so profound, words can’t explain it.

I remember, who You are…

I remember.
Thank you for reminding me.

This short poem is one I dedicate to our Eternal Friend in the skies. A true friend whom we can rely on always… A friend who will always stand with you and beside you… Thank you… my friend…


Thank you…

To all the amazing writers here, to the people who were kind enough to follow my blog, I wish to thank you for inspiring me through your words, through your thoughts, and through your ideas.

I wish to apologize for my long absence from WordPress. Life got in the way of my life…

I hope I have the courage to continue writing this blog and to share my weirdly wonderful world with all the amazing folks here.

Thank you for accepting me into your WordPress community.  🙂