People!!!! When all you do still isn’t enough.. #Part 2..

Hi guys
My apologies for not posting in such a long while. This flu really is something else😲. 

A few days ago I had posted about a harsh neighbour going bat shit crazy via text about how my family and I had failed God’s test and how we would be punished blah blah blah. It seems her rants weren’t quite over.  Here is part 2 of this drama aka Same Shit, Different Day.

So a couple of days passed after the initial cursing episode. I have to hand it to this woman though. She has such a nerve. Its inspiring. Inspiring or just stupid. I can’t really decide at this point but She decided to pay us an unexpected, unwelcomed visit 😱.

At first she acted as if nothing happened😕. This awkwardness continued for a few minutes and then she said….to my mum….’my prayer was so wonderful. It is a pity your’ll missed it. It would have really benefited your’ll but staying at home was more important to your’ll”..

My mum said “Excuse me?”…⚠

This woman went on to say and I quote, “no matter how sick your’ll were, your’ll should have attended. It was disrespectful to God and He will punish your’ll for disregarding Him’.

I was so gobsmacked by the rubbish this woman was speaking I just burst out laughing😂😂😂😂. I didn’t realize her God was a narrow minded narcissist😂. The Lord I know is very different to her version😂. 

My mum is, always has been and always will be a legend😆😎. This was her response…’Yes yes. I’m sure God is thrilled with you because you were present yes? Yet you still have every ailment known to mankind… Maybe all your ill-intentions for others is preventing the  ”BENEFITS” from getting to you!!! Now please leave my home before you really make me angry!! 

And with that the woman left cursing us further (under her breathe of course). And we have not heard from her since.

I had to share this as it was a spillover from my last post. Also I think I need to add this note. My mum is a very happy, comical character whose first response to things is either in sarcasm or evil humour. For her to lose her cool and respond in nastiness is something very rare. But it goes to show how irritated mum was in that moment. For me, I think it was exactly what was needed in that space and time.

Hopefully, it will keep this ‘non-well wisher’ away from us in future… 

Image taken off Google Images.


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