There is no such thing as Free Will…

“There is nothing so grand as  the illusion of Free Will” (forgive me for I do not recall the author of this statement).
I have long since pondered over this statement. And finally I have come to the conclusion that, for me personally, I feel, there is no such as Free Will and Free Will choices. 

In the last few years, the realization that ‘what has to happen, will happen’ has kicked me in the shin one time too many. No amount of my ‘willing’ could change that. No amount of prayer, bargaining, tantrums nor begging could change that. 

Think about it. You woke up this morning and decided ‘tonight I am going to go out with friends and I will have pizza’. Did you really decide this? Or was it already written that on this day, at this time you would go out with friends and have pizza?Or if you change your mind and say ‘oh well I decide then that I will stay at home’, was it not destined then that on this day you would change your plans and stay  home?

Is there really such a thing a Free Will? Or are we merely puppets of Fate and Destiny, who allow us to believe we have, in some small way, a little control over our lives???

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Safer waters..

Forgive me friends for being away so often. Life has thrown many a curve ball my way in the recent weeks and this has resulted in me shutting off for a while. It doesn’t help that for the longest time, I have been suffering from the curse known as the ‘writer’s block’. 

Wish me luck as I try to navigate to safer waters…

Images taken off Google Images.